Patient referrals

500+ patient referrals

Clinical and research visits

6000+ clinical and research visits

Dedicated nursing team

Australia’s only dedicated pancreatic specialist nursing team.

Specialist appointment within 72 hours

All patients with suspected pancreatic cancer seen by a specialist within 72 hours.

5 clinical trials and 11 research studies

Actively engaged in 5 clinical trials and 11 research studies, with 6 more studies under development.

Treatment in less than 10 days

Our clinical trial enrolment-to-treatment time averages 10 days, ensuring participants have swift access to cutting-edge therapies.

Multidisciplinary team

38 affiliated clinicians and allied health staff.

PhD Scholarships

3 PhD Top-Up scholarships to support outstanding individuals pursuing a doctoral degree in pancreatic cancer research.

Funding important research

6 grants awarded to support impactful research in pancreatic cancer.

GP education and engagement

Distributed 14,000+ GP education materials and support tools to improve early detection of pancreatic cancer.

Australian Pancreatic Cancer Alliance

Proud member of the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Alliance.